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If it were up to me, everything important to sustaining life–computers, blenders, sinks, beer–would be kept and deployed via a briefcase, mostly for the effect of grabbing the briefcase in times of panic and letting everyone know, not to worry, you have your briefcase. Ben Heck has the same idea, and he has fit one of the most essential items for Making comfortably within the confines of a carrying case, ready to be covered in your favorite stickers.

You probably know Ben from game console modding fame–Xbox, Atari, Sega–he’s done it all. He also has a show on Revision3 and in Episode 46, Ben takes you through the build of a Portable 3D printer project he had attempted in the past (episode 19) and revisits to complete.

Building a Portable 3D Printer

The case measures a mere 4.2in x 18in x 14in, uses a 200mm2 PCB Heatbed print area, can be controlled autonomously with a control panel (Ultimaker or eMaker) using Marlin firmware on the Arduino 2580 Mega or can be controlled via computer via Printrun.

If all goes as planned Ben will have this fancy porta-printer up on Kickstarter with some stickers to go along with it.

Via Revision3


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