Craft Wok 731W88: Best Wok of 2021
Craft Wok 731W88: Best Wok of 2021


Model Number: 731W88

Size: 14 inches

Dimensions: 22.52 x 14.02 x 5.98 inches

Weight: 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg)


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  • It is the best wok that offers the authentic Chinese wok layout with a rounded bottom.
  • Flipping of foods due to the smooth round bottom is easy and flawless.
  • Sturdy, non-slippery handle for solid control; comes with a helper handle.
  • Thick carbon steel body that makes the entire wok body durable.
  • Maintenance is easy, thanks to its smooth surface.

Full Review:

There might be newer designs of woks out there, but nothing can beat the authentic and traditional style of wok that Chinese cooks and chefs know. There are many reasons to choose such models. To prove that, here is the best wok of 2021 our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team recommends.

Craft Wok 731W88 Wok
Craft Wok 731W88 Wok

Craft Wok 731W88 wok offers the same wok layout familiar to Chinese kitchens all over China. And to ensure the product has the same quality and build as the authentic Chinese woks, each wok of the brand is hand-hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou.

material of Craft Wok 731W88 wok
Craft Wok 731W88 boasts a 15-gauge carbon steel body.

It isn’t as striking or aesthetically perfect as the other models we tested, such as Calphalon or Hexclad; however, it can be the most durable commercial wok in this category. The body is 15-gauge carbon steel that is rather hefty at 4.6 pounds. Yet, this reflects how rugged its build is. It is also thick at 1.88 mm, allowing it to distribute the heat before it reaches the food properly. 

rounded bottom of Craft Wok 731W88 wok
At the bottom, Craft Wok 731W88 has a rounded surface where heat is focused.

This 2021 best wok has a diameter of 14 inches, giving you a vast space to throw any ingredients you have. At the bottom, you have a rounded surface where heat is focused.

Craft Wok 731W88 wok on cooktop
Craft Wok 731W88 can sit comfortably on the grates of cooktops.

While it means it won’t work with a flat electric or flat induction cooktop, it gives you the unique ability of woks to stir the food comfortably. The surface of Craft Wok 731W88 gave our reviewers a literal smooth experience in tossing and flipping foods in the air, which was truly enjoyable.

helper handle of Craft Wok 731W88 wok
Craft Wok 731W88 has a steel helper handle for easy handling of the cookware.

The wooden handle felt solid in hand and wasn’t slippery in any way. There are also three rivets securing the handle, and the fact that there is a steel helper handle makes the wok easier to use. 

bottom surface of Craft Wok 731W88 wok
Craft Wok 731W88 has a smooth finish for easy cleanup.

On the other hand, just like in any traditional woks, the Craft Wok 731W88 needs proper maintenance to help it last. The good news about it is that doing it is relatively easy. Due to the smooth surface of the wok, you can wash and dry it with a lint-free cloth or paper towel with ease. Then, with a thin layer of oil to season it, you can protect it from rust. After that, it’ll be ready anytime you need it.

Craft Wok 731W88 FAQs:

Is the bottom of the Craft Wok 731W88 supposed to be perfectly rounded?

  • No, it is not. Since the product is hand-hammered, the rounded bottom might not be perfectly rounded.

How often do I season the wok?

  • Try to apply a thin layer of oil to the wok’s surface after washing and drying it promptly.

Why won’t it work with electric and induction stovetops?

  • Due to the rounded bottom surface of the wok, it won’t be able to keep its balance on such kinds of stoves, and it won’t heat up properly.

How long is the handle of the Craft Wok 731W88?

  • The wooden handle of the wok measures 5 and 3/8 inches.

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