OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press: Best Garlic Press
OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press: Best Garlic Press of 2021


Brand: OXO

Model Number: 11107400

Dimensions: 2” x 1” x 7”

Weight: 0.8 pounds

Material: Die-cast Zinc and Silicone


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  • It has a built-in rubber cleaner that pushes stuck garlic bits out of the holes.
  • Dishwasher-safe and the smooth surface of the press allow the skin of garlic to fall instantly.
  • Very easy and comfortable to use due to the silicone-covered handle.
  • The chamber can fit up to 4 small cloves of garlic.
  • Best garlic press for value due to incredible performance and affordable price.

Full Review:

Cooking is fun, but preparing your ingredients can be tedious sometimes. It is probably one of the common gripes everyone has when it comes to crushing garlic. But you don’t have to experience that if you have the best garlic press. 

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press
OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

In the 2021 roundup of the best garlic presses in the market, our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team tested 28 models from various leading brands. We checked the aspect of each one from their build to ergonomics to their current market price. The reviewers also got the chance to test them in actual setup by pressing hundreds of cloves with and without removing their skins. With those series of tests and observations, this garlic press from OXO snatched the top due to its unmatched designs. 

handles of OXO Garlic Press
The thick black silicone layers of the handles absorb the pressure as you firmly grip them.

The head of the garlic press features a die-cast zinc construction which gives it a substantial heft as you hold it. It feels solid and durable even when you move the handles that are both wobble-free. The thick black silicone layers of the handles absorb the pressure as you firmly grip them. According to one of the reviewers, this made the OXO garlic press comfortable despite continuous use and pressing.

chamber of OXO garlic press
The OXO garlic press has a spacious chamber that can hold up to 4 small cloves of garlic.

The chamber has a considerable capacity to hold four small cloves, three medium cloves, or two big cloves of garlic. There are 44 uniform holes where cloves get crushed when you squeeze the handles. What surprised us about this OXO garlic press was how efficient it is whether you removed the garlic skin or not. In every push of unpeeled cloves, you can flip the unit, and the skin will automatically fall off.

rubber cleaner of OXO garlic press
The rubber will clean the gaps and push the skin out of the chamber.

The built-in rubber cleaner helped this model ace our test by delivering the best convenience in garlic pressing tasks. While it might look a bit gimmicky, it is practical in instantly popping the bits of stuck garlic out of the holes. The rubber will clean the gaps and push the skin out of the chamber by reversing one of the handles!

cleaning the OXO garlic press
The OXO garlic press is also dishwasher-safe.

Besides its ease of use and convenient features, this 2021 best garlic press is easy to clean. If you rinse it right away after use, the remaining skin in the chamber (together with other bits of garlic) can come out immediately. Even better, this model is dishwasher-safe, which makes things more easy-peasy for you.

OXO Garlic Press FAQs:

Can you detach the silicone handles?

  • Yes, you can remove the silicone handles if you intend to wash the garlic press using the dishwasher. You can slide it back after cleanup.

Do you have to peel the garlic first before using this garlic press?

  • This OXO garlic press can work even with unpeeled cloves.

Can you also use the OXO garlic press for other ingredients like lime, baby carrots, and ginger?

  • Yes, this garlic press can work with other food items; however, keep in mind to cut them into small pieces to help them fit into the chamber.

Is it dishwasher-safe?

  • Yes, the OXO garlic press is dishwasher-safe.

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