We’ve seen motion sensing keyboards like the LEAP and Magic Cube, tactile 5-finger keyset devices like the Amenbo and Jellyfish and even foot switch input devices, but we have yet to see a minimal 10-button touchscreen keyset… until today. ASETNIOP (pronounced a-set-ni-op) is the creation of Zack Dennis and, as you’ll see, reduces the massive complexity of that chunk of plastic under your hands to a few on-screen commands.


ASETNIOP is so simple it makes me want to pry all the keys out of my keyboard and us them to make archaic looking crafts. If ASETNIOP catches on, that’s likely what will happen around the world. ASETNIOP was created to make touch-typing possible without the need for a visual interface or tactile feedback other than the feel of your fingers jabbing a surface.

Like other analog keysets, it uses combination of keys to provide the full alphabet-numeric characters and symbols. Being digital, it has additional features that set it apart. With the touchscreen version, you can autofill, auto-crrect, create shortcuts or even make it completely transparent so you’re able to see everything on your screen–granted your massive hands are not covering it. The app is currently available for use with a regular keyboard or on an iPad with more options coming. Here’s the demo video of just what it’s like to use it.

YouTube video

Pretty slick. It’s also being used to break a Guinness World Record for typing. ASETNIOP is available to try for both tablets and with traditional keyboards (see the links below), and is intended to be available for the LEAP (mentioned earlier) when it ships in 2013.

iPad version – Tutorial
keyboard Version – Tutorial

Excited about this? With Windows tablets here, I’m anxious to see what new input devices will be coming out. This is a promising first look.


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