Why poke your fingers repeatedly into a keyboard crawling with dust, germs and skin flakes beneath the keys when you could jab them into any flat (antibiotic-infused) surface you wish? The Magic Cube from Celluon is just the magical device you’ve been dreaming of. Of course, you can’t wear it like other devices and it’s not a helpful robot friend, but it is compact and works with just about any Bluetooth device.

The Magic Cube

The Magic Cube uses a projector, a sensor and an IR light combo to detect the keystrokes. It’s bluetooth or USB powered, can handle typing speed of 350 words per minute and has a 150 minute battery life. According to the video below, “most people start with a hunt and peck style and add more fingers as they become comfortable with the technique.” Yes, unless you have someone do all your typing for you and you make them type with cucumbers just for laughs.

There’s a whole other industry emerging here… keyboard pads. I’d need one for the glass surface desk I have – and can you imagine the size of the callouses you would have after a couple of days? BLOOD EVERYWHERE. And then there’s your old keyboard, out on the street, begging for a battery and wireless connection to whatever you can scrounge up. Sorry you noisy beast. One word for you, LASERS.

YouTube video

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