A big Imperial salute and a plate of Ewok cookies to George Lucas. This past week he sold off 100% ownership to Lucasfilm for $4 Billion to Disney. If you recall, Disney bought Marvel in 2009, transforming that franchise and the movies that came out if it. Disney plans to do the same thing for Star Wars, with episode VII produced by Mickey as soon as 2015. That’s reason to celebrate and what better way than with making your own lightsaber.

Image: Nagle

Build Your Own Lightsabre

Nagle posted the original lightsaber how-to on Instructables. The project came out of Parts and Crafts, a creative community and summer camp for kids. It’s not only a fitting project to prepare you (your kids) for a new Star Wars film, but also a great introduction to electronics and making cool things that you can hit other things with.

Read the full Instructable for all the step-by-step. We also have an infographic below that takes you through the build with all the appropriate lightsaber quotes from Star Wars characters. Here’s the shopping list of all you’ll need.


  • PVC cutter
  • hack-saw
  • drill
  • soldering set-up (you can probably get by without this, but it’ll make the electronics section way easier.)



  • 1.25″ diameter PVC or larger, roughly 8 – 12 inches (any length that’s comfortable.)
  • push on  push off button, or switch
  • battery pack (between 2 – 4 AA batteries)


  • silver spray paint
  • bike inner tubes
  • small motor (for making vibrations in the handle, and thus the awesome lightsaber sound effects!)


  • polycarbonate tube. The outer diameter should be at least .75″ and less than the inner diameter of the handle. Should be roughly 2.5 ft. long, scaled to size of future Jedi.
  • 25 to 35 LEDs of desired color
  • solid wire (22 gauge).

lightsaber tutorial

Infographic: uk.farnell.com


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