I’m totally ganking the title of this post at Shapeways, because it could not be a more perfect description. As I write this, there’s the smell of four freshly cooked bacon slices filling the air, which together with these images is the cause of blurred vision, cold sweats and slight twitching. Behold, endless bacon.

Endless [Expletive] Bacon!

This Bacon Mobius Strip was created by Joa Baldwin and is available on Shapeways for $19. Unfortunately, it’s printed in sandstone and not pig bellies, but that does however make it, as Joa puts it, 100% “Kosher. Vegan friendly.” I don’t care, I’m soaking it in bacon grease and eating it forever… and ever… and ever. Here’s the 20 second video that makes me want to invite Kevin Bacon over for bacon-wrapped bacon at the :02 second mark.

YouTube video

Bacon Source: Shapeways.


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