For shame!! You have two wide screen displays, a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, a 3D mouse, stereo surround speakers, a photo of Joan Rivers, a USB missile launcher, an iPod and a chair massager you use to heat oatmeal, BUT you don’t have a USB powered triple foot switch?

Wow. really, wow. It’s time to take your socks off and think about your feets productivity. Yes, they could very possibly bring about the future of design. Not convinced? Well, take a look and give your take on how you would use this for 3D design.

“The USB Triple Foot Switch provides a more comfortable and convenient way to control the computer by foot. The pedals can be pre-programmed unique key or multiple keys by the bundle software. You can also connect more foot pedal to a computer for different key combinations.”

It can be yours for $45.00.

Personally, I would plug it into the person who sits across from me and randomly load models of badgers when the boss was standing behind them… OR wait for them to create a really complicated sketch and then extrude it a million inches in each direction. so geek. I say we compile a list and hand it out. How would you use it for 3D design?

Brando via Engadget Thanks Butch!


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