model of the week


Business cards?! Who uses those anymore? Well, just about everyone. After someone has emailed and connected with you on Linkedin, it’s still fashionable and polite to hand them a slip of paper with your name and status on it, before they chunk it in the can. And though most of your business cards are in…

Who doesn’t love a kinetic sculpture? If I was an inanimate object, my one dream you ask? To be made into a kinetic sculpture of some sort. Preferably one that is cool, mesmerizing and makes people question their sanity. One like this simple, and quite beautiful, kinetic sculpture modeled by GrabCAD user trinityscsp.

This weekend, Super Bowl 50 takes place. Panthers vs. Broncos. Newton vs. Manning. One will walk away with the coveted Super Bowl World Champions Ring. Jewelry designer Diego Taccioli, from Slice Lab, and former artist-in-residence out at Autodesk’s Pier 9, imagined what the ultimate Super Bowl Championship Ring would look like.

Today, we’re bringing back a segment that lapsed into a coma and suddenly awoke recently with a direct punch to an exposed solar plexus. Model of the Week: the best and coolest 3D models the SolidSmack audience is creating and sharing online. We’re in the future now, so there’s loads of amazingness and brilliance we…