This weekend, Super Bowl 50 takes place. Panthers vs. Broncos. Newton vs. Manning. One will walk away with the coveted Super Bowl World Champions Ring. Jewelry designer Diego Taccioli, from Slice Lab, and former artist-in-residence out at Autodesk’s Pier 9, imagined what the ultimate Super Bowl Championship Ring would look like.

Designing it in Fusion 360, he created an Instructable that breaks down his process and includes an STL file for download so you can 3D print a version of it for yourself. This would be a great model to test your printer’s ability to print detail. Pretty sure you’ll need to provide your own diamonds though.

“As a local San Francisco designer and a big football fan, this ring was a fun design exercise for us at Slice Lab. This Instructable will show you how we went about creating a 3D printable design of a championship ring. The majority of the modeling form was done in Fusion 360. Thanks to its T-splines based tools, we seamlessly went from concept to nearly final designs in a matter of days.”

All the detail is included on the ring (even diamonds), but as an .STL, it’s all one mesh. You can download the files here on Instructables.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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