Today, we’re bringing back a segment that lapsed into a coma and suddenly awoke recently with a direct punch to an exposed solar plexus. Model of the Week: the best and coolest 3D models the SolidSmack audience is creating and sharing online. We’re in the future now, so there’s loads of amazingness and brilliance we didn’t have years ago when we were churning out 3D models on… the same exact keyboard and mouse driven 3D software. Right?! So, send us your best and we’ll feature something cool each week. Here we go!

Tri-Sphere by Simon Williamson

Simon Williamson is a professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology. (You need to see his work if you haven’t.) He has provided, not only the SolidWorks assembly and part files, but also an OBJ file and a KeyShot scene file (bip) where you can see exactly how he has set it up to get the look he achieved in the images below.

This part is absolutely rockin’ because you can create a quick 3D print of the clip part to form an amazing array of different structures. This is one to bookmark for sure.

You can download the files here on GrabCAD.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!





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