Business cards?! Who uses those anymore? Well, just about everyone. After someone has emailed and connected with you on Linkedin, it’s still fashionable and polite to hand them a slip of paper with your name and status on it, before they chunk it in the can.

And though most of your business cards are in the cardboard box they came in (with a few in your wallet to toss in that bowl for a free lunch at that Barbecue place), you’ll still need them from time to time. To facilitate the continued use of business cards, we bring you the this sleek, stylish business card case.

Designs by Tomáš Kubata and Martin Žampach of the be3D Creative Team, the case comes in two size options: 85mm x 50mm (3.38″ x 2″) and 90mm x 50mm (3.54″ x 2″). What we particularly love about this is the texture on the outer surface. Just think of the looks you’ll get at that next business luncheon, you dealmaker, you.

“The model has two parts, the casing and inner clever spring. Load the spring with business cards, snap it into the casing and you are ready to go! In case you run out of cards, easily remove the spring with your thumb and load it again as before.”

You can download the files here on Thingiverse.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!







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