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Fusion 360 Concept Motocycle

Do you like things wheels and that go fast? Are you looking to speed up your modeling process in Fusion 360? Then we’ve got just the ticket. Youtuber name notimportant posted a nice video on concept modeling in Fusion 360. He shares his process of developing geometry rapidly with just enough detail to convey your idea.

Wondering how the future of cloud-based 3D CAD is developing? More and more services are coming online with cloud-based offerings and Autodesk is certainly leading the way in both offloading processing for simulation and having complete access to your software and data via a web connection–it’s the whole anytime, anywhere scenario and they just announced…

Today, Autodesk continued the sizzle following their FormIt release at Autodesk University, announcing the “first and primary” application of T-Splines tech in the Autodesk product line, Autodesk Fusion 360. As you may gather, this new product is part of the cloud-based Autodesk 360 product line that includes Simluation, PLM and BIM. Design was the major…