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This LEGO Recreation of ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer is Out of This World

If you haven’t seen it yet (and you definitely should), the new live-action series The Mandalorian (available via Disney+) is pretty much all any Star Wars fan talks about these days. It’s dirtier, grittier, and has way more personality and lore than the recent films of the past decade.

Tesla’s Cybertruck Cements the Future of EV Truck Design and Tech

So it’s finally happening. After a year of teasing and countless knock-off designs, Tesla has unveiled its new EV pickup truck.

Behind the Design: An Eames Lounge Chair Made From Recycled Skateboards

What happens to skateboards after they’ve shredded their last bit of pavement?

Behind the Design: A YouTube Play Button Made From Diamonds

Unsatisfied with his new crystal-encrusted silver Play Button, jewelry designer Bobby White has decided to jump the extra 9,900,000 subscribers and bedazzle it with real diamonds and rubies to make it something worth bragging about:

AR ‘Portals’ Let You Preview Physical Spaces Before Construction

While most augmented reality technology is used in things like interactive workspaces, VR/AR company Pixelcase is applying it in other fields.

Three Digital Manufacturing Trends for 2020

As we come to the end of 2019, the technologies behind mass-scale digitization aren’t slowing down at all. Within the next five years, 85% of industrial companies are expected to have implemented Industry 4.0 technologies in all important business divisions. As a result, the consolidation of digitalization across the industry has produced practical digital applications that are only beginning to become visible today.