While most augmented reality technology is used in things like interactive workspaces, VR/AR company Pixelcase is applying it in other fields.

For example, has anyone ever thought of using AR to view real properties before they are set up?

YouTube video

This AR doorway lets real property buyers, owners, and developers get a sneak peek at what the finished product could look like on the prospective landscape. Unlike drawings, pictures, or even 3D designs, looking at the property from a first-person perspective gives a better idea of how the whole thing will look when it’s finally done.

The doorway in the video above shows a potential future home in Perth, Australia. You just pop on your AR headset and take a look through the doorway to see (quite literally) the future.

AR doorway

Of course, you can’t exactly interact with something that isn’t there. Unlike those interactive workspaces, these AR doorways can’t be walked through to another dimension or meddled with a controller to change what they project.

Still, it’s a great way to get a good before-and-after idea on a property and make some trippy gateways to different worlds. Pixelcase says agencies and content creators can easily swap out the content, making for a seemingly infinite number of AR doorways to explore.


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