That time of the week, when you sit back and rent a new movie. Sip endless cups of java and ditch any work calls that come your way. Once you’ve settled into the routine, we reckon you give this list a glance as well.

It’s all about the week that was. A strong week, Not a weak week! Jony Ive quit Apple and found love! Like real love-love. So happy for him!

Over to the list of reading, other than the Jony Ive news.

Making a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Style Prosthetic Tool

Close to a year ago, we saw how Big Life Fix was inventing awesome and changing lives. The idea behind the show–finding life-altering solutions to really challenging problems–is just great and I hope you’ve had a chance to catch an episode.

YouTube video
Early prototype for Kyle’s Hairdressing Tool

How To 3D Print Lithophanes

Here’s a history lesson for you: back in the 1820s, people used to sculpt pictures onto thin, translucent pieces of porcelain. By varying the cuts and placing a backlight behind the material, a clear image could be viewed. And thus “lithophanes” were born.

3d printed lithophanes

The New Raspberry Pi 4: Up To 4GB RAM, Fewer Limitations, Same Price

Lovers of miniature computers, rejoice! The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced their newest addition: the Raspberry Pi 4, will now be available in flavors of 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB RAM for $35, $45, and $55 respectively.

raspberry pi 4

SkillCoach | How-To Develop Products | The Birth of the XShear Brand – Part 1 – The Story

Have you ever wondered what’s involved to bring a new product to market? Perhaps even now you have a juicy idea scrawled out on a napkin tucked away somewhere. Every time you happen across it you’re thinking “Without a doubt, this here puppy is the next big thing!” Problem is, you have no earthly idea how to get from paper to product in a single bound! Or, maybe being the maker type you’re a touch further along the path having just emerged from your garage or basement la-bor-a-tory beaming with delight over the widget you now hold in your hands. Then suddenly amid the brightness of full daylight, the thought hits you smack upside the head “My baby sure is ugly!” Without a doubt, you know your widget is not a product ready for primetime. What to do?

Pocket-Size, Reusable Cutlery & Chopsticks

Sustainability is the burning hot topic in many industries, and hospitality is is in the hot seat. QSRs (quick service restaurants) are shoveling food into our mouths and plastic cutlery out in trash bags and hotels won’t clean your room unless you absolutely request/demand it.

This Sensor-Laden Office Chair is Also a Drone Controller

Flight Chair, as they are calling it, was created with the task of aiding people working on and in emergency situations. Whenever a big calamity like a fire, flash flood, or Black Friday shopping spree occurs, having an eye in the sky can help provide information regarding the situation. While any reasonable person would make use of a helicopter or drone with a handheld controller, these particular researchers hope Flight Chair will make maneuvering through these delicate scenarios a lot easier.