Well, it’s been a couple years since The Big Life Fix made its debut, but tonight at 8 PM (UK time) they’ll have an all-new episode (and more to come).

The crew of eight engineers, designers, and makers take on the challenges others would balk at to help people change their lives, fulfill their dreams, and do the very things they never thought possible.

Jude Pullen just gave us the heads up on the premiere where he’ll help Kyle Elson, a talented gent who has dreamed of being a hairdresser and trained for it, even though he had one big, glaring challenge–no left hand.

Though he’s had surgeries to add additional bone, Jude is going one better, and working with Kyle to develop new tools to increase his dexterity and, in some cases, improve upon the methods of trimming up those locks.

The prototype to the final version (from left to right) for one of the new tools Jude Pullen invented for hairdresser, Kyle Elson, who is missing a hand.

The big surprise? The ‘bionic’ attachments are not the complex high-tech developments you might think. In fact, it’s a great example of where a more analog, simple, reliable approach (and knowledge of simple machines/mechanism) is useful.

It’s all drawing quite a bit of buzz as well.

Here’s Jude with Kyle on Good Morning Britain where Jude breaks down a little of the prototyping process they started with and a glimpse of the new tools that will make it all possible.

YouTube video

Unfortunately, if you’re outside the UK, the series isn’t available for viewing quite yet. However, you can view clips on the BBC Two website and highlights on Studio Lambert’s Twitter feed.


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