Lena Gieseke has taken Picasso Guernica and transformed it into a version of the painting that will leave you deeply immersed in the canvas of the Cubist master, Picasso.

Guernica has got to be incredible to see up close (it’s currently at the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain), But when you look at it broken into all it’s little bits and pan around it like you’re actually there, you come away with an intense visual of what Picasso was sensing as he made each brush stroke.

As a friend commented to me… “wicked.”
I think Picasso was always meant to be viewed in 3D. Obviously, he saw things with a perspective others didn’t. Despite his trials through the war and inexcusable infidelities, which lent much to his work, he still remains one of the most influential painters and inspiration to those that view the world and design through a multi-dimensional lens.

To get the full feel watch the 3D exploration of Picasso’s Guernica movie.


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