Mondays might not be your favorite day of the week, but the good news is that we’re all in this together ladies and gentlemen. As purveyors of prime Grade A web content, the SolidSmack crew has done some of the heavy-lifting to make sure you get your Mondays started on the right track.

Welcome to The Monday List.

Each Monday, we’ll link you up with some of the most insightful, informative, and socially-relevant stories to keep tabbed, bookmarked, reading listed, pocketed, or what have you. Be sure to check in each Monday morning for a new crop of freshly sprouted words curated straight from the source of your favorite homegrown ‘Smack.

What We’re Reading This Week:

The Invention of the AeroPress
Among coffee aficionados, the AeroPress is a revelation. A small, $30 plastic device that resembles a plunger makes what many consider to be the best cup of coffee in the world.


The Secret That Brings These Pancakes to Life
Any hot oven will do, but a cast-iron pan is ideal for even browning and crisp edges, and for maintaining, at the very center, a little spot of tenderness that’s almost closer to custard than pancake.


The Secret to Happiness? Simplify.
Mix one part nostalgia, one part engineered scarcity.


The Magician Who Wants to Break Magic
Derek DelGaudio takes illusionism to new conceptual heights.


Apple’s Next Big Thing: Augmented Reality
CEO Tim Cook is betting on augmented reality, a cousin of VR that he believes will keep his company on top and may even supplant the iPhone.