The old soul trundled topsy-turvy toward a hole in the air. The time bender should have seen that bear cub and butterfly when he first came through the portal. Now it may be his last time through. You see, a mama bear doesn’t think much of time travelers interrupting a family picnic. If only he had thought to bring these links.

John Wallin Liberto – John. That guy. He can draw some awesome concept ships, vehicles, mechs, suits and cars, but my fav is his space scenes.

Meet WalterAlien: Covenant comes out May 19th. Here you can meet Walter and, yes, reserve your very own customized, synthetic companion. Video in lower left.

Scratchbuilt – Artist Joshua Smith has the wonderful talent of creating ultra-realistic 1:20 scale models of old buildings, dumpsters, and shipping containers, and they are fabulous.

Coco – Trailer for the new animated film from Pixar, about a boy who wants to become a musician and ends up in the Land of the Dead.

Futuratcha Pro – An ingenious Open Type Font that changes as you type, inspired by Futura typeface and cockroaches. See the project launch here.

Memento mori – Strange and wonderful ceramic sculptures by artist Juliette Clovis. Basically busts with lots of shapes, flora or animals around them.

Most popular baby names 2017 – These are the most popular baby names this year for reason unknown, but also for obvious reasons. I mean, cmon, Megbert? [Various goat noises]?

Dis:play(bias) – “is a experimental trial to create devices dedicated to transmit not information, but expression.” What you see is only visible through the the moving cubes and plates in front of the screen.

Ultimate Advice for a 20 Year Old – Gary Vaynerchuk breaks it down hard in this episode of AskGaryVee with life/business advice to a 20 year old girl who wants it all. NSFW language.

Feels Like Summer – Weezer is back with a trippy new video for their single ‘Feels Like Summer’ out on their new album this summer.

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