Last Week at SolidWorks World, I had a short sit down with Matthew West, master of social media computing at SolidWorks. We talked all about social media this and social crap crap that until everyone in the room around us was hugging and tweeting each other.

We didn’t get into it, but I know he’d probably agree with me that the number one, most important thing about rockin’ your brand from forums to Facebook, whether you’re a corporation or cab driver, is the profile image. If it doesn’t say rockin’ people won’t come a’knockin… or something.

So, I’ve done a new profile image up for Matt, created from a montage of images taken as he summoned all the musical angst and inspiration of his past. Rock on Matt.

Are ya ready… Click the link…

The NEW Matt West Profile Image

Yeah, it’s an animated .gif and rightly so. With Apple not having anything to do with Flash and the upcoming onslaught of HTML5, I welcome a return to animated .gif’s and the joy they bring when you see them abused on websites or in emails.

Wanna connect with Matthew? You can find him on Twitter @matthewwest. He also manages @solidworks.


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