Prepare to be smote with a clever play on words… nevermind, cause the headline already gave it away and saying it again would be so LAME.

There are only 7 other things that are more requested that the option to Dangle Children. My babies!!!!!! You may have seen them from some of the coverage of SolidWorks World 2010, but not like this, oh no, not like this. Here, we give you the reason behind the request… or the reason as best we can guess. Read on, and tell us which one you’d like to see.

The Top Ten SolidWorks Enhancement Requests

10. Simplify Video Card Requirements
…because I’m sick of booting the CPU through the wall.

9. Exploded Views for Weldments
…because I tried the SolidSmack workaround and it sucks.

8. Option to Dangle Children Instead of Deleting
…because deleting them is just plain mean.

7. Graphical Map of References
…because my boss beats me when I try to explain references without them.

6. Allow More Types of Assembly Features
…because I want to blur the lines of reality.

5. Better Utilize Processor Cores
… because MS Paint uses more cores than SolidWorks… probably.

4. On the Fly Equations in Dialog boxes
…because I eat flies, equations and dialog boxes for breakfast.

3. File Compatibility Between Versions
…because I’m not from the future and I like driving compatibles.

2. Increase Stability
…because my knee caps were just eaten by a bear cub.

1. SolidWorks Should Cleanly Uninstall Itself
…because I’ve never seen a 15 yr old that couldn’t change his own diaper.

Every year (for the past couple) SolidWorks has used their ‘Brainstorm’ site to gather the top ten best ideas from users to present them at SolidWorks World. There’s some pretty good ones in the bunch this year, ya think?

Which one do want the most? While number 1 would eliminate the 8 sheet guide I’ve used for the past 10 years, I’d have to pick number 3, mostly because one time I tried to open a file and SolidWorks told me it was a ‘future version’ so I became irate and kicked a basket of muffins into the past which somehow affected my ability to run backwards.

image via Mandi Gaga


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