lego-digital-box-3dYou’re running down the isle, pouring consumer goods into your buggy and in the crazed rampage you wonder exactly what that boxed ham slicer is gonna look like sitting on your counter. It’s hard to imagine, but the first word you think is HIDEOUS.

You move on to the LEGOs and there, shining in brilliant digitized glory is the LEGO Digital Box interface. You hold the box out and instantly you see the product 3-dimensionally in it’s completed state. *gasp*

You must have it.

It begins
The thing is, companies are just now delving into the possibilities of product visualization with 3D. To this day, packaging remains the focus. The packaging sells the product (to an extent), but this will become even more the case in the future with packaging and displays having just a twist of 3D added to the marketing lather.

Examples? ‘3D packaging’ using flexible display technology to show scale, detail and provide appeal. Kiosk and shelves that allow you to visualize product in their setting where you will use them.

Imagine going to IKEA with a 3D scan of your house, walking through the displays with instant visual displays of the IKEA products in your home. Displayed with the added ability to modify style, adjust appearance and fit for any item, then have items packed immediately for you to take home.

We get the whole 3D CAD side of visualizing your ideas on a fancy computer screen, but visualizing products already manufactured in a certain setting isn’t so easy for those without the ability to mentally construct and project the product into open space. LEGO and others like Total Immersion are showing us what possibilities lay in store.

Where do you think this is going? Applications for 3D CAD and product design?

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