Presented last month at Autodesk’s Pop-Up Gallery in Paris, LeFabShop‘s Open Toy Project is pretty much as close as you can get to playing with your food in every sense of the phrase.

Designed by Samuel N. Bernier at a 2013 workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet, the project came out of a decision to use material waste from a wood shop to create toys with modular Mr. Potato Head-like accessories. The resulting material scraps were able to be converted into various objects including helicopters, airplanes, cars and other vehicles.

Soon after, Bernier decided to replace the scrap material with something slightly more accessible and easy to pierce for those without a shop: fruits and vegetables.

The collection has since expanded to include submarine and rocket accessories, among others, and is available to download and 3D print for free over on Thingiverse. The team at LeFabShop encourages other users to contribute their own Mr. Potato Head-like additions to the collection.

“The Mr. Potato Head for the digital fabrication age has just been invented.”