So much for inspiring kids to grow up becoming managers of salty, high fat, carb ridden fast food chains. Let’s inspire them to become engineers with the ability to bend biological matter (i.e. paperboard cutouts) to THEIR WILL.

Chick-fil-a is featuring ‘3-D Insect Models’ as toys in the Kid’s Meal. Cool – introducing small, hungry brains to 3-dimensional processes for create creatures they torment the neighbor kids with. How fun is that. Pics after the break.

The package reads 4+, but you may have to tag on a degree in advanced biology to get it together. A couple momblogs didn’t think to highly of the instructions that may as well have been anatomical charts on arthropod gene splicing techniques. They’re actually not that bad, but yeah, a 4 yr old is gonna need some help – choke it up to improving your parenting skills.

I’m sure if you head to you local Chick-fil-a you could pick up a few bags for stocking stuffers. 5 versions to keep the 3D model building madness going for hours.


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