If you’re cruising down the drag and needing some head-bobbin’ beats to make the cabbies and cuties drop their ice-cream cones, check out Luxology founder Brad Peebler.

♪♫ Dope beat ♪♫ aaaaand Happy, Happy birthday to my main man Jetty, he’s bustin’ out assets fast as Mario Andretti…. you’ll have to listen to this week’s modcast to feel the full brunt of Peeb’s beatastic brilliance. Seriously. Step off front-a-lot. Nerd-core supreme. can I get a hey hey.

Oh yeah, and there’s something about releasing modo SP5 or something. HOT.

Update: You must, MUST listen to the end of the modcast… it’s got B. Peeb on the mic doing RenderGod – full version… make note. pure gold I tell ya. (psst. RenderGod.mp4 here!!)


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