I’ll tell you right now, when you can’t open 3D files from another system in your favorite modeling program, it’s like spooning soggy corn chips into your mouth… corn chips made of FIRE… and HATE.

Fortunately, there are some smart people who know the tricks. Example? Opening a UG/NX file in Pro/E may make you feel like jamming a massive scoop down your gullet, but it’s really as simple as adding a file type to the Wildfire options. After that, you’ll be smoothing that corn mash all over your coworkers desk, laughing as you open file, upon file upon file.

Here’s the step-by-step process to go about getting your UG files into Pro/E.

  1. From the toolbar select Tools, Options
  2. In the find box type – INTF3D_UG_INSTALL_DIR
  3. select add/change
  4. select the Pro/E install directory
  5. Select Yes, then Apply, then OK
  6. Go to File, Open
  7. Select FileType Unigraphics
  8. Select your UG part
  9. Open

BAM! That’s it.

Via Engtips


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