There’s nothing like hanging something completely random in a child’s room to make them flip out and question reality. I’ve always preferred turning their stuffed animals into mechanized creatures that fly soup into their mouths. They enjoy it AND it’s healthy. Some people just like to draw baby giraffes with big eyes on the wall and others prefer to use programs to compile art from Hawaiian volcanoes, voice waveforms and walking geometry with pincers to spark a child’s creativity. The last just so happens to be the case with the incredibly cool Here to There poster series from Design I/O. It’s a monochrome mash-up of all sorts of objects and illustration, built through algorithms channeling nature and design. Want to see the details?

“Jungle” and “City” are the first two in a series of experimental posters for children that combine science, nature, algorithm and design, to feed children’s imagination and curiosity. Here To There combines programmatically created elements with illustration and character design to tell a multi-layered story that feeds both hemispheres of the brain.

Feeding both hemispheres is great, especially for children who don’t know how to spell ‘hemisphere’ or know what a brain is. You can find out more about the idea behind the design and even buy the limited series on Design I/O. A big thanks to Lynn Cherney for passing this along!


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