Suddenly you hear a *pop* and all the anticipation of creating imaginative 3D models you’ve stored up over the weekend leaks onto your timesheet.There’s no stuffing that gooey mess back in, but there are a few fresh bits of 3D perfection you’ll want to view to get you momentum back.

They stretch from graphical to physical, but all have a unique look into structure and space; how we see it, how we use it and how it uses us to mess with another person’s mind. It’s all fun though, but mostly… all amazing.

All That Is Solid, Melts Into The Air

Seriously, it does, just like your money. Still, the structure and flow that come together in the animation by Echolab and Kulnation mix sound and form together in a visual of fluid architectural bliss.

via ComputerLove

Audi A4TDI Commercial

It’s the ultimate Rubik’s Cube example of mechanics and style. Of course, in reality, assembling and programming a engine building process of this caliber would take more time than buiding the entire car. But then, that’s just being boring and unimaginative, plus the automation effort pays off in the end right?

Fubiz via Ocell

Swarm Gallery Environment

Yes, everything about Josh Keyes’ Art is amazing. It’s surreal and, even better, slightly disturbing. So what enlisted the help of Vaughn Bell to create real environment cutaways? They would start off looking something like this. Float head-level in a gallery, taunting your curiosity.

josh Keyes environment Art Installation
The Village Green Installation by Josh Keyes and Vaughn Bell

The Village Green Installation by Josh Keyes and Vaughn Bell
The Village Green Installation by Josh Keyes and Vaughn Bell

3D Book of Space

How long do you think it would take to cut each page of a sketchbook into a single 3-dimensional scene? Johan Hybschmann, graduate and co-instructor at Bartlett School of Architecture, did just that using a laser cuter and Alexander Sokurov’s film Russian Ark (Scene).

The book is made from layered silhouettes with inbuilt distorted perspectives that are laser-cut into the individual pages of a standard sketchbook. There is a drawing for each page, and these are all cut separately: turning the page, loading up a new drawing and cutting, page by page.

A project by Johan Hybschmann
A project by Johan Hybschmann
A project by Johan Hybschmann

BLDG BLOG via Ponoko


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