It’s that intense chill of power you feel when you run screaming through a gypsum-board wall right before you throw-up and pass out from a mild concussion. If only you had implements of destruction better suited to your surly demeanor.

Christian Ristow has just what you’re looking for. A three-fingered claw. Made out of Aluminum. Powered with hydraulics. That looks freagin’ tough. Get your forearms in shape. You’re gonna look cool… and also have trouble eating a sandwich like a normal person… but cool nonetheless.

A synopsis from Christian’s website says it best.

The claw tips are uniquely designed to be able to punch into an object, such as a TV tube, with the claw in the closed position, and then by opening the claw, explode the item from the inside out.

“explode the item from the inside out.” You just can’t say that enough.

Christian is also the guy behind the Hand of Man which debuted at Burning Man 2008. Here you see just how much power is behind a 27 foot long, remote-controlled mechanical hand. Not as much as there would be with two, but it can toss a car pretty good.

Makezine via Mingsish


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