When the thin wood slipped back beneath the water, pools of white gravy formed where pins fell from its mashed metallic underbelly. We could use our flares now, but would it just warm the mash or beckon these links to finally assemble and win the day?

Donglu Yu – From oceandepths and alleyways to mountaintop and beyond, Donglue Yu creates captivating concept game art with subtle bits of detail in every square inch.

Infographic maker – You’ve always wanted to make an infographic to rival all infographics. It’s super, stinkin’ easy with this tool from Canva.

Furious 7 – Statham, Jaa and Russell join the family while Diesel continues to make you question what can’t be done with a car.

Hand lettering – João Neves pretty much owns hand lettering. Tip: Start with Volume 1.

Hearing Tarantino – Every director has their mark. Tarantino has many, including the sounds that really reinforce the action and close-up shots. Warning: slightly gruesome.

Bloody footprint – Was it your foot that was cut, or your friends? An animated story of memory.

The future – In 1976, author/futurist Arthur C. Clark predicted how we would communicate in 2015, aka the future.

Perpetual.Pizza – Friday night is pizza night in many homes. This should get your mouth watering… or just make you dizzy.

Hardcore Rocka – Freddy Fresh and Andy Ictus bring the backyard party. Get your feet on the grass floor.