Down, deep beneath a layer of optics and actuators, lay the last remnant of their forgotten race. The lights flickered as shadows shifted across the oily stench. Slowly, the charred, wriggling feelers pushed their way through, dripping with the oozing lung juice of these links.

Jeanfrancois Liesenborghs – Sunset scenes and cloud city dreams make up just some of the city ship splendor of Liesenborghs 3D skyscapes.
Spotify – It’s here, in America. The free musinc service has crossed the great sea and has settled on the computers and mobile devices of the U.S.
80/20 Rule – It’s applicable to so many things, like 80% of you will see this, but only 20% will eat potatoes tonight.
The lights of Twitter and Flickr – How would Manhattan and other cities look illuminated by the lights of Twitter and Flickr usage? …Eric has a lot of time on his hands.
50 cheatsheets for web design and development – Best mix of character, code and color cheats I’ve seen. You now know everything there is to know.
Sad baby monsters – ADORABLE!!! You just want to put them all in your mouth and squish them around. Poor Chimera chubling, why the sad face?

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