A piercing hydraulic hiss echoed in the launch bay as we mounted our space cruisers to their docks. As we proceeded to our sleeping chambers, the motion-activated blacklights turned off one by one behind us as we walked down the dark and desolate docking terminal. We settled to our quarters, ate some dehydrated ice cream, and plugged our Bio-Cells into these links:

Darren Bacon – An eye for rendering crystal-blue lighting within dark, mechanical, futuristic environments makes Darren the go-to guy for Tron-related sci-fi concept art.
Jar with a Twist – Style…you either have it or you don’t. These guys do. Not surprisingly, they also invented the best way to access peanut butter from a jar.
Google Chromecast – What we’ve been waiting for all these years: a $35 TV dongle that streams your Chrome browser to your TV from any device.
Harvesting the Biosphere Review – Bill Gates gives the best book review ever. Videos, animations, and interaction included.
Experiments in Speed – Guys riding bicycles really, really, really, really fast.
Behind Bobs Burgers – What happens behind the show is just as funny as what happens on the show. For all you Bobs Burgers fans, this blog from the cast and creators is a must-see.
Animal Gas: a Scratch and Sniff Picture Book One Man. One Dream. Bryan B. wants to launch a scratch and sniff book on animal gas.
SolidWorks 101 Course with AMPY the Robot – Meet AMPY, the resident cadjunkie industrial design training robot and learn all about SolidWorks as you go…then 3D print your achievement.


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