Slowly, sifting, drifting and drenched, past the glistening glade he flew. Just off the scooners dark bow side, foliage, cries and beady eyes, gave rise to what may come. Yet not the air, not the fear, but one thing soaked his mind. Could he reach the den beyond, the buried lair, the silver minks? Could he find it, if he squeezed, the purple juice, from these links.

Guillermo Krieger – Space, the air, the surrounding bits of detail captured. Trees, clouds, sky, ships and so much more it the art of Guillermo Krieger.
Ben Greener – Sculptures of wood. Sculptures of skulls, hands, feet and spine made from small strips of wood and cloth. Eerie and gorgeous.
RAW Timelapse – If you like timelapse film, watching or creating, you’ll want to make a not of this tutorials series coming up from Preston Kanak.
Paris timelapse – And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll want to see this super stunning timelapse that takes you around Paris.
The Whale Hunt – An inteactive photo-journal of Johnathan Harris’ whale hunt experience. Decreased heart rate, fewer photos. Increased heart rate, more photos.
Dark Knight Soundworks – The sites and sounds of the Dark Night Rises and the two gents behind the sfx and melody setting the tone for the final film.

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