It was a rickety rumple of a creature, teetering to and fro, the grass between its toes in a hat with a feather and a handsome suit coat. There were not too many more tales to tell of its adventures, except for one that should, for obvious reasons, remain until the last, until one has dissolved all of these links.

Atey Ghailan – So much style from this illustrator at Riot Games, bits of process and a 365 day project with plenty for the oculars to absorb.

MV2 – Monument Valley 2 is here. The iOS game that made puzzle adventuring fun again. And boy is it everything you hoped it would be.

Devin Smith – Sculptures of a different sort. Gamer controller mods, functional ones at that, mostly representing games or special editions.

Black Panther – The teaser trailer is out and looks every bit as awesome as it should, and looks like he even makes it to New York.

Casa Vicens – I visited this amazing house in Barcelona by Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, but was lived in. Now the 130-year old, newly renovated house will be open as a Cultural Center and Museum of Gaudi’s work. I will be visiting.

Magic square of squares -Each row, column, and long diagonal totals 93025, or 3052.
WaniKani – My sister-in-law speaks fleunt Japanese, so I’ve started learning with this site that uses a mix of Mnemonics and spaced repitition.

Benchmade 781 Anthem – Father’s Day is coming up. This EDC knife from Benchmade is a thing of beauty, an ambidextrous design with a handle made from a single billet of titanium.

Free Climb – A week ago, Alex Honnold climbed the 3000-foot face of El Capitan rope free. He did it in under four hours.

On My Way – Recent video from Grand Yellow directed by Akatre with work by 3D Artist, Jonathan Chaillot.


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