I tossed it in a bowl of cantankerous snails, but once you start pumpin’ those hydraulics, wooo boy! whatch out! There’s about nine other slime poppers that shoot out my pores and go straight after these links.

Willy Verginer – Just wow. Willy creates sculptures out of wood. They are incredibly life-like with the perfect amount of abstract.
100 Impressive Artworks of Robots – 100 robots! Maybe you’ve seen some, maybe you haven’t. Here are some of the best, all in one place. Thanks Rod!
The Last Airbender Japanese Trailer – Have I told you how stinkin’ cool this is gonna be. It is, and this makes me want to watch it in Japanese.
AlternativesTo.net – Looking for an alternative to certain software you can’t stand? Options for Desktop and mobile. Thanks Marijn!
Poor Man’s Porsche – ha. This thing looks to be built of PVC, packing tape and bicycle tires, but the feat in itself… astounding.
DSLR Buying Guide (for filming) – Do you really need a DSLR to shoot film? Yes, yes you do, and these are the best options.
Knuckles – Some beats to start your weekend…


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