daniel simon future vehicle and ship conceptsIt all chop, chop here and chop, chop there. Your style like very angry monkey with feet on fire. Must look to find Fist of Slappping Donkey and purge vengeance with these links.

Daniel Simon Future Vehicles – Flip..ing…OUT. Daniel Simon is intense with his future ship and vehicle concepts. totally blowing my mind. i quit.
OrbitFiles – 6GB of storage for FREE. Yeah, and $5/mth for unlimited storage. Lots of options too.
Flock 2.0 – the famous social media browser is back with a version choke full of media goodness to organize your social tendencies.
GlassBooth.com – as close as SolidSmack is getting to politics. Find out which candidate represents you the best.
DIY Laptop Desk – I know you like the look of tangled cords, but this is just slick lookin’.
ZaBox – a really nice all-in-one design bookmarking site. The ID section needs a little help.
Bruce Lee vs Japaneses School – a little Bruce rumble to get your weekend off to a kung-fu start.


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