Lying against the planks, he grabbed the edge, peering beneath the tilted deck space. Millions of them! All working away with their surroundings illuminated by the light coursing through their veins. The source of the energy was clear. Buried in the midst of them it glowed, a pebble hare clothed in these links.

Andrey Lazarev – Calm and gently proportioned character art, some bueatifully monochromatic and others with a wisp of whimsy.
Edits quarterly – A great photographic showcase by Ian Coyle in an interesting format for a web-based quartly. Thanks Simon!
Share Some Sugar – You have something they need. They have something you need. simple. Share it via this website.
TeuxDeux – A simple, slick looking web/mobile app for the upper-class todo aficionado.
XAPPR – Put this on your todo list. Buy lasertag gun for mobile phone. You will also be able to play other apps with it. Pre-order available.
LEGO Science models – What better way to learn about awesomeness than with awesomeness. From DNA strands to Robotic Limbs and more.
Synaesthesia What if all your senses blended together. This fun little, animated short follows a synaesthete through his life.


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