conte-skulls-insectsIt happened late one night. I was getting a special box of tree bark out for the kids. That’s when I saw them… teaching latin, throwing onions, and looking at these links.

Microbotic – The freakishly amazing work of Christopher Conte. Robotic Spiders, Skulls and more. – Absolutely free logo design. Included Illustrator and Photoshop files. Really useful learning examples.
One Year in 40 seconds – Wow, it really does seem to go by that fast… except at the checkout line.
Windows 7 Beta ISO – Oops, it leaked. A torrent can be found. The people using it LIKE. careful though. – A cool idea to brainstorm ideas and get some cash.
Addonics NAS adapter – Add any USB storage or device to your network instantly. Thanks Rod!
Klok – Free Adobe app for personal time tracking. Stop wasting it, start tracking it.


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