That, my friend, is a mighty fine curd. May I ask, how does one mix breakbeats and bebop with coagulated milk? Ahhh, with two pointy nubs you say? and these links?! Brilliant!

Pablo Vicentin – He’s got some 3D, but what’s exceptional is the characters and composition of his 2D work. – Comics where ever you want, plus a cool mix on social. Multi-platform too.
10 free web design books – I was skeptical about these at first, but some of them have great info. Getting Real is a must read.
EpicWin – The iPhone app that turns your to-do list into a super cool role playing game. Get it done.
Inception parodies – Absolute best, from Inebriation to… Dora the explorer? Yes. Become even more confused.
Japansese bananas – You’ll love it if this guy shows up at your house and shoots bananas out his nose into your lap.
3D Waterfall Street Art – Created over three days in Moscow while harmful smoke from nearby forest fires surround them.


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