Once upon a dim lit night, when owl fowls hoot their silent flight. The children stomp in the land that sinks, telling tale upon tale bout the fate of these links.

Maxim Revin – If I had one guess about someone who’s traveled to distant future planets, his name would be Maxim and he would be from Russia.
Linguistics of babies – Proof that babies are smarter than all of us, except for mutant babies with two brains.
Five Signs you’re a Bad Boss – There are way more than five and none of these mention anything about throwing meatball subs.
80 All-you-need Photoshop Brushes – Only 80. That’s all you get, but actually all you need is one floral brush because that’s how you make things pretty.
Doctor Who? – The comic, made by someone who has never seen Doctor Who for that very reason.
Whiskey And Water – Besides being healthy to drink, you can also do cool tricks like this with the fabulous liquids.
The REAL Death of the Music Industry – Pure, raw info on the state of the music industry. It’s DEAD. Dead, dead, DEAD, not really, but yeah.

Bonus! Magical videos
Art of Flight – Just watch. Take it all in.
Esoteric Mash-up – Mesmerizing.


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