Determined to loosen the oily grip of the deepened people known as ‘The Mechanics’, he set out into a search of Darktrench. 10 years he wandered, then happened upon one silvering doom and whipped him with these links.

Roman Jouandeau – There are some artists that make you feel like drawing and drawing and drawing. Roman is one of these. He does video too.
Make a Interactive map of Your LinkedIn – Wondering who you’re linked too? See the vastness and gasp in awe with this interactive tool. If only it was 3D.
Elmo and his puppeteer – prepare to be cute-ified… and also find out whose got his hand up elmo’s backside.
Scale – Ever wondering how big the other planets would be if they were orbiting as close as the moon. Wonder no more.
The Habits of 6 Eccentric Geniuses – Or, habits you want to start adding to your own life to become just as eccentric. Yes?
Sleep is Awesome – This infographic about sleep, is so awesome, it made me drive to Canada where I slept for 5 days.
Learn Math by thinking – Why memorize, when you can learn. Excellent study from way back to shake you’re critical thinking.

Bonus! Car Coolness!
Backwards Cars – First thought. These rock. Second thought. I can do this to my car. Third thought. Where is the blowtorch? Thanks Chris!
The cars of Transformers – What inspired the cars of Transformers? Need you even ask?! Just take a look and reminisce on the glory days.


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