Filtered beet juice streamed down the bark-like surface. It moved in a slightly rigid motion as mossy highlights painted its north side in the light of the winter moon. Partially frozen, it took a ladder to stand upon its root. And it was clear, upon tasting the beet juice, this creature had sipped from the pool of these links.

Emmanuel Shui – If you have a thing for large, epic scenes, amazing mech craft and composition, Emmanuel doesn’t disappointing.
The Bill Murray way – The way he’s tazzered. The way he enters a room and falls across the floor. The way he pauses. It should be studied.
10 Words – 10 creative, yet effective words to remove from your exceptionally innovative resume right now.
Face meet balloon – Slo-mo is all the rage. Will and Norm from Tested get the slo-mo balloon (busting?) action on with Norm’s face. Quite funny.
Calvin and Hobbs Search engine – It’s one of those things you don’t need, until you really need it and then… there it is.
Tears of Steel – The new short from the Blender Foundation. High expectations after Sintel, met quite well with a mix of mocap and live action.


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