I see ya got pore problems son. It’s not uncommon to hear an ooze and a pop, so in severe cases like this, I simply apply a few of these links to relieve the stinging.

Joby Cummings – Insane. Awesome. Tattoo-style illustration. Lot’s of skulls, nice, thick lines and plenty of traditional inspiration to go along.
40 sweet (fake) tilt-shifts photos – So fake!!! and so cool. Normal photos modified in Photoshop to look tiny miniature scenes.
Gaiking!!!!! – I’ve only watched this about 146 times, so… minor facial spasms. Live-action Gaiking robot hugeness comin’ ‘atcha.
160 Greatest Schwarzenegger Quotes – It’s not a Tumor! It’s 160 of Arnold’s most memorable on-screen moments!
3D Creature Development process – Alex Alvarez is always doing something cool. This shows his process “from design to animation in seven days.”
Tron Trailer remake – Awesome remake of the original 1982 Tron movie. The only thing better is the new Tron movie trailer.
50 Things your customers wish you knew – “I want to trust you, but it’s hard for me to trust anyone..” with a parrot on their shoulder.


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