As a matter of fact, if you do tighten it like that the bleeding will stop, but the centrifugal force will make the cookies taste a bit salty. To remedy, just add a dab of these links.

12 Photoshop experiments – Where else could you learn a little about particle disintegration and geometric manipulation to make some wicked looking graphics.
20 Twitter Tips – Become a better Twitter user in about 5 minutes and 22 seconds with these handy tips.
Ubiquity – Only the coolest thing in User Interface interaction to come out since ribbon bars (boo). This will change things. so awesome.
Brain Light – You could create some pretty snazzy stuff with a 3D printer, but ya know, your own brain…as a light. brilliant.
Roller Skating Ninja Attack – You just can’t go into the weekend without knowing how to fend off a vicious band of roller skating ninjas with a tiny car.


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