A deep-rooted hatred for rare game board colors drove him to the sudden realization that Bolivian Scarabs were classified incorrectly. These links did not help.

Sparth Construct – What? Future landscapes, vehicles and mechs? The amazing art of Nicolas Bouvier.
Best desktop Customization Tools – More ways in which to make your ‘puter screen perttier. Glorious customization!
Pandora Sidebar gadget – The goodness of Pandora Radio in your Vista sidebar. Full and mini-mode. That’s cute.
10 Step for Career Networking – You mean it’s this easy? and I don’t even have to leave my house? yes.
15 Tech Secrets for Road Warriors – Not even one mention of implant devices. for shame. Generally, pretty good ideas.
World’s First… – What’s was the worlds first computer mouse? That and others right here.
The Amazing Steam Candle – you could run… a candle. neato.


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