It’s all about absorbency. If you find one with six paws and an orange belly, you’ve got a keeper. But watch it! They’ll soak these links right out of your head.

Alexandr Melentiev – Alexandr creates amazing world art.. amazing. Right-click, view image on his site to see large versions.
If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses… – They would annoy you with their Farmville updates and battle plans.
How to use Mind Maps to Manage Ideas – Mind maps are ways to show people that you have a train of thought. Here’s how to use them.
The Wilderness Downtown – Wow. Weird and cool. An interactive ‘movie’ done with HTML5. Best to use Google Chrome Browser.
Geekiest Pin Numbers – So 1337. They forgot a couple 2370 for C3PO and 7232 for R2D2. Rock Geekdom.
Heat-tracking Nerf gun – HECK YEAH. You know you want this in your cubicle. Here it is and some more great ideas.
Record and Wheel Design – From Record players to Augmented Wheel systems, Charles Pyott’s design will blow your mind.


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