The small cichlid examined it’s surroundings. To it’s surprise there were sea berries to eat, plankton to befriend then devour and most of all, a link for every eyeball and fin.

Toby Lewin – Wow. Wonderfully rich environments for the few that are there. Check out his blog for more work plus some 3D.
Nacho Libre or Three-armed mutant baby – Either way, you, your child, neice, or nephew will be looking bad ace come Halloween.
How to Raise Boys Who Read – Fart books? No. Video game bribes? No. Even easier. Just deprive them of the video games. Excellent article.
Blow glass rocket cyclone – Rick Allen has a way with glass and mixing it amongst various other materials. Thanks Charles!!
How to tell when your boss is lying – Some start twitching spastically, others just avoid certain words or shout obscenities.
Europe according to stereotype – Maps. They’re all true.
Plenoptic Lens – Refocus an image after it’s been taken. CSI is freaking.
MINI Scooter E Concept – Slickest lookin’ electric scooter ever.


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