avor-illustrationArrrr, he’s a cantankerous sort, darting this way and that. Almost like he’s taken a fall into the Muskrat Seas where the wily rodents and these links took over his mind.

Avor Illustration – Glorious illustration of mechs, ships and spacecraft. Much thanks to Rod for sending this!
50 useful typography Tools – One thing that makes type so addictive is all the tools out there. Here’s 50 of the best.
A blog for your business – Wondering if a blog is a worthy investment for your business? This very simply shows the benefit.
Unemployment Rate? – Mint does the whole mess up right with this ‘not-so-governmental’ explanation. Zoinks!
T-mobile Dance – Imagine walking through Liverpool Street Station… then this.
Leningrad mash-up – Overlay of Modern day St. Petersburg and the WW2 siege of Leningrad.
Hamster Fighting Machine – This might be very wrong… it might also be very funny.


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