Through the vapid water, strewn with oars and shards of boat, the injured creature stepped. The silver bridle that held the face of his opponent in his grip torn from the beast with the power of these links.

Martin Deschambault – There is nothing that is not brilliant about the vast and beautiful scenes spilling forth from the mind of Mr. Martin Deschambault.
Skill Badges – Use a Water Jet? Get at skill badge! A 3D Printer? There’s a badge for that too! Pick from 50 different patches.
Pomodoro Technique – Learn about the time-management technique to help you stop messing about and get things done (the cheat sheet).
Paper to the moon – Spoiler. If you fold a piece of paper in half 45 times, it will reach the moon.
The worst – Cookies too big to dip in the milk? Wires in your roller chair? These are the 10 worst things in the world.
Christian Stoll – His photography transforms normal objects and environments into icons and greatness.
Following Joe – A video montage that capture the epic street skating that is Joe Pease.


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